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Sustainability at Фͼ

Environmental, Social, and Governance

Sustainability at Фͼ

Фͼ’s 2023 Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) Report available in our outlinedthe continuing positive impact our business makes in terms of sustainability. ESG considerations are inherent in our business model of partnering with leading universities to deliver socially impactful online educational programs in a sustainable way, with opportunity, accessibility, and equality at the forefront of our business.

Framework: United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”)

Фͼ supports the SDGs as a framework for achieving a more sustainable future for the world. Фͼ aligns its focus to the following SDGs that we consider most relevant to our business strategy, operations, and purpose.

Sustainable Development Goal: Responsible Consumption and Production

Фͼ is right-sizing its physical space to the hybrid workforce model thereby responsibly impacting disposables consumption and carbon emissions.

Through our “Work from Anywhere” and “Study from Anywhere” philosophies, our business model inherently has low negative environmental impact

Sustainable Development Goal: Quality Education
As a global leader in EdTech, Фͼ has created opportunity and access to quality education for over 104,000 enrollments in FY23, including maximizing reach to regional and lower socio-economic locations.
Sustainable Development Goal: Good Health & Wellbeing

Фͼ invests in its people and culture by supporting their well-being and mental health.

Фͼ’s university partnerships currently offer 118 online healthcare programs to mitigate the shortage of skilled healthcare workers.

Sustainable Development Goal: Decent Work & Economic Growth
Фͼ’s overall vision is to Transform Education, Transform the World. By creating access to quality online education in skilled fields of need, Фͼ is promoting decent work and economic growth in communities that otherwise do not provide such opportunities for students.
Sustainable Development Goal: Reduced Inequalities
Фͼ is a place for everyone, where diversity is embraced and where all contributors, regardless of personal characteristics are celebrated.

Фͼ's Key Achievements and Focus Areas

Фͼ considers the five relevant SDG's as comprising three primary areas of focus:

Environmental Sustainability
  • Minimizing negative environmental impact while also driving employee engagement for promoting a positive environmental impact
Social Opportunity through Access & Equality


  • Creating social impact with greater access and opportunity for higher education
  • Helping solve some of society's most pressing challenges in Healthcare available


  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)
  • Gender balance
  • A positive culture enabling employees to thrive in their roles
Strong Corporate Governance and Data Security
  • Data and security
  • Strong governance policies, principles and practices
  • Operating with responsible and ethical business practices

Current ESG Foundations

While growing our business and continuing to evolve in a “post COVID-19 pandemic world”, we continued several important ESG initiatives in FY23.Most notably, we:


  • Expanded our product offering to continue to facilitate “Learn from Anywhere” across courses that traditionally were only offered on campus, including helping Melbourne Business School take their MBA and other short courses online for the first time

  • Continued to explore ways for reducing our overall environmental footprint including an evaluation of office space that resulted in a reduction of leased property square footage aligned to our flexible Work from Anywhere approach

  • Proactively encouraged and facilitated initiatives to educate our workforce and share ideas among staff around sustainability


  • Expanded provision to quality higher education through seven new partners and 34 new programs, including to students in regional and remote regions

  • With our university partners, we launched 23 new Healthcare-focused degree and certificate programs in fields such as Nursing, Counseling, and Health Administration to create opportunities and help solve healthcare skills gaps and shortages

  • Secured over 18,000 clinical and field placements creating localized opportunity and social impact in regional communities across the countries we operate in


  • Continued strong governance policies, principles, and practices

  • Obtained SOC-2 Type 2 Certification validating the design sufficiency of our administrative, technical, and logical controls related to data security and the SOC-2 principles

Our Future ESG goals

In the rapidly evolving ESG landscape, we are focused on continuing our journey of sustainability initiatives and reporting in a way that reflects our size and existing environmental, social, and governance profile, including in the future:


  • Exploring a carbon emissions measurement and reduction strategy addressing Фͼ’s global carbon emissions, as appropriate

  • Preparing for upcoming regulatory developments around climate risk disclosure frameworks using at this stage the International Sustainability Standards Board (“ISSB”) framework as the baseline

  • Working with a third party ESG ratings agency to obtain our rating and benchmark


  • Continuing to develop metrics and a long-term social impact strategy and roadmap

  • Taking measurable steps to improve gender balance and diversity across the company and intentionally expanding our outreach to underrepresented groups through Фͼ’s hiring processes

  • Bringing new distance education programs to market areas from cyber security to psychology continuing to unlock greatness in educators and individuals to drive a broader positive societal impact, including in addressing key societal skills shortages in areas such as Healthcare


  • Continuing to report on innovation, resilience, and business continuity initiatives

  • Continued focus on data stewardship and security