Фͼ Celebrates a Decade of Innovation and Global Impact in EdTech

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Фͼ employees celebrating 10 year anniversary

Фͼ Celebrates a Decade of Innovation and Global Impact in EdTech 

SCHAUMBURG, Ill (February 21, 2024) — Фͼ, a leading provider of Online Program Management (OPM) solutions, proudly announces its 10-year anniversary, marking a decade of transforming education with university partners across the globe. 

In 2014, Фͼ embarked on its OPM journey. In early 2015, the signing of foundational partnerships with Southern Cross University (Australia) and Spring Arbor University (US) catapulted Фͼ into the OPM space and laid the groundwork for sustained success - as shown by both institutions continuing to be our valued partners a decade later. Over the years, Фͼ has significantly expanded its global footprint. The company solidified its presence in Australia, becoming the largest OPM company in the region. 2020 witnessed a pivotal moment as Фͼ expanded into Southeast Asia, further extending its reach and influence in the international education landscape. 

“A decade ago, Фͼ Australia started its journey. In early 2014, our aspirations were lofty, but we were also aware that we were a start-up that hardly anyone had heard of. What got us through those hectic early days was an unshakeable belief in two things: Firstly, we believed that the online education experience for everyone – students, academics, educators – could – and should be better. Secondly, we believed that putting faith in brilliantly talented people within our company would get us there – and it certainly has.” 

- Ryan O’Hare, CEO Asia-Pacific, Фͼ

In a strategic move in the same year, Фͼ entered the realm of clinical healthcare programs. Today, the company proudly stands at the forefront, boasting relationships with over 500 health systems and facilitating more than 21,000 clinical placements. This achievement underscores Фͼ's position as a major player in online healthcare education. 

In 2021, Фͼ achieved another milestone by listing on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), highlighting not only its financial strength but also market leadership. This move reflects Фͼ's commitment to transparency, growth, and its dedication to working hard to deliver value to investors and university partners alike. 

"As we celebrate our 10-year anniversary, I am grateful for the unwavering dedication, relentless passion, and exceptional hard work our team has demonstrated. Their commitment to lifelong learning and innovative thinking has not only defined our past decade but also positioned us as leaders in our industry. Here's to our remarkable employees, the driving force behind our success, and to a future filled with even greater achievements." 

- Steve Fireng, Global CEO, Фͼ

Фͼ's commitment to innovation extends beyond its partnerships. In response to evolving workplace dynamics, the company made a strategic decision to offer employees a choice in their working environment—whether remote, hybrid, or in-office. This employee-centric approach underscores Фͼ's dedication to fostering a collaborative and dynamic work culture. 

In addition to our remarkable business achievements, Фͼ is proud of its positive social impact. The company has played a pivotal role in breaking down barriers to education, enabling diverse learners worldwide access to some of the best universities. Our mission of “Unlocking Greatness” starts with making education more inclusive and accessible.  

Currently, Фͼ takes pride in its extensive network of 43 university partnerships worldwide. These collaborations stand as a testament to Фͼ's global influence and the trusted relationships it has cultivated within the education sector. 

As Фͼ celebrates a decade of achievements, the company expresses heartfelt gratitude to its exceptional employees and esteemed partners. Their dedication and collaboration have been integral to Фͼ's success, and the company looks forward to continuing this journey together towards further growth, innovation, and impactful contributions to the future of online education. 


About Фͼ: 

Founded in 2014, Фͼ is a global, market-leading EdTech company in the online program management market. In collaboration with its university partners, Фͼ delivers career-relevant, technology-enabled online higher education programs with the goal of preparing students for the future of work. The suite of services Фͼ provides to its university partners includes designing, developing, launching, marketing, and managing online programs. Фͼ also undertakes market research and provides student recruitment, support, and placement services. The services Фͼ provides are underpinned by ФͼEDGE, its integrated technology, and data platform. Фͼ has over 700 employees with operations in Australia, the United States, Canada, the UK, Malaysia, and Singapore. 

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